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En este post vamos a practicar con los quantifiers too much y too many y otros quantifiers, porque it’s never too much practice!

Ebook gratuito: Cuantificadores en inglés: ¿Cómo usarlos?


Too much too many: recordatorio

Recordad que usamos too much y too many para hablar sobre una cantidad que es mayor de lo que queremos o necesitamos.

  • Too much se usa con sustantivos incontables: There is too much salt in the soup

  • Too many se usa con sustantivos contables: There are too many people at this party!

Debemos tener en cuenta que para indicar la idea contraria no nos sirve decir there isn’t too much/too many, ya que esto indicaría que no hay mucho de lo que sea, pero podría ser suficiente.

  • Para indicar que no hay suficiente de algo usamos not enough tanto con contables como con incontables: There is not enough gas to get home.

SI queréis conocer más detalles os recordamos repasar en nuestro post sobre los quantifiers, en el cual está todo muy bien explicado.

Too much too many enough: ejercicios

1.    Completa los huecos

Completa los huecos en las siguientes oraciones con too much/too many.

  1. Is there_________________________butter on the bread?

  2. He gave me_________________money for the shopping, so I gave him some back.

  3. I think there are_____________________________people on the bus. It’s not safe.

  4. I don’t want _____________________________jobs to do today because I’m tired.

  5. They wanted to take ________________________________luggage onto the plane.

  6. There are___________________things to understand when you’re learning to use a computer.

  7. Do you think there are___________________________cars on the roads these days?

2.    Elige la opción correcta

En las siguientes oraciones, elige la opción correcta de las que aparecen

  1. There were too much / too many people at the concert last Saturday.

  2. We haven’t got enough / too many money to buy the laptop.

  3. I can’t give you too much / not enough money because I haven’t got much.

  4. Washing the car is too many / too much trouble.

  5. You don’t need to put too much / too many cheese on the top of the pizza.

  6. There is just not enough / too many rice in my plate.

  7. There is too much / not enough coffee. Please make some more.


3. Une las frases

Une las frases de la columna izquierda con las de la derecha para formar oraciones completas.

  1. They haven’t got too many                                                a. to buy all the shopping  

  2. There isn’t enough                                                              b. money

  3. There isn’t enough money                                                 c. friends

  4. Have you spent too much                                                  d. yoghurt left in the fridge


4.    Completa las oraciones

Completa las siguientes oraciones con las palabras del recuadro.

not enough


 too much


too many    



1.    There are __________________________ cleaners in our office. They need to employ more.

2.    I’d rather not spend _________________________________ time doing my homework.

3.    _________ people believe everything shown on television. They should spend less time in front of the TV.

4.    I don’t eat ______________________fish, but I know it’s good for me. I should try to eat more.

5.    I think footballers earn too ________________________money.

6.    There are ____________________________ accidents on the roads lately.

Aquí abajo encontraréis las soluciones y si aún tenéis ganas de más ejercicios podéis probar con estos.



  1. too much, too much, too many, too many, too much, too many, too many

  2. too many, enough, too much, too much, too much, not enough, too much

  3. 1c, 2d, 3a, 4b

  4. not enough, too much, too many, enough, much, many



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