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Ejercicios para dominar las preposiciones en inglés


¿Tienes 5 minutos?

La traducción literal, los falsos amigos y la falta de práctica nos llevan a cometer errores en el uso de las preposiciones en inglés. Hace algunos días vimos cuales son los errores más comunes que los hablantes de español cometen en inglés, así que en en este post vamos a repasar estos conceptos a través de unos ejercicios prácticos.

Las soluciones a los ejercicios las encontraréis al final del post, ¡no hagáis trampas!

1.    In, at, on

Elige la preposición más adecuada de entre in, at y on y rellena los huecos

  1. Don’t worry, I’ll pick you up ___ the airport.

  2. I lived ___ Paris for a year after I finished school.

  3. Lucy is studying ___ the university.

  4. I live  ___ 12 Alcester Road.

  5. James met us ___ the door.

  6. I was stuck ___ that traffic jam, sorry.

  7. Let’s take the tube ___ Oxford Street.

  8. Mirror, mirror ___ the wall…

  9. There is always something going ___ Trafalgar Square

  10. The Manager’s office is ___ the third floor.


2.    For vs since

Al igual que en el ejercicio anterior, deberás elegir la preposición indicada en cada caso, for o since


  1. I haven’t visited my parents ___ Christmas!

  2. Mary has been off sick ___ two weeks.

  3. ___ 2007, smoking is forbidden in all enclosed public places.    

  4. This is Margaret, she has been working here ___ 1997.

  5. I am married ___ last summer.

  6. It has been raining ___ three days in a row.

  7. Could you watch the baby ___ a few minutes?

  8. Our team has been working on this ___ the 1st of February.

  9. We have been planning this party ___ a long time.

  10. Finally! I have been waiting ___ you since 6 o’clock.

3.    ¿Preposición o no?

De las siguientes frases, algunas están correctas y otras no. Tacha la preposición donde no sea necesaria

  1. I saw you in the street in yesterday

  2. I started studying here at the start of October

  3. What are you going to do on Saturday’s night?

  4. We are visiting the Parliament on next Sunday

  5. Hurry up, the film starts in 5 minutes

  6. I am having a birthday party on the 1st of May.

  7. Penny was born in London in 1982.

  8. On Sunday morning they usually go fishing.

  9. I last saw her on the day before yesterday.

  10. I went to bed early but I wasn’t tired.I was reading until 2 am.

  11. They have been in this city for ten years.

  12. I last visited him on three days ago.

  13. I was reading the report for all day yesterday.

  14. Mr. and Mrs. Richards left the hotel for last night.

  15. I will have finished this book by Friday.

4.    To +infinitivo/ -ing

Por último, decide en cada caso si se debe usar to o no.

  1. I would like ___ go shopping with you tomorrow

  2. I look forward ___ driving my new car

  3. I like ___ jogging after a hard day of work

  4. I need ___ stop for a coffee

  5. I like ___ drive

¿Qué tal te  han  ido?

Aquí te dejamos las soluciones:

Ejercicio 1

1. at 2. in 3. at 4. at 5. at  6. in 7. on 8. on 9. on 10. on

Ejercicio 2

1. since 2. for 3. since 4. since 5. since 6. for 7. for 8. since 9. for 10. for

Ejercicio 3

1. in, in 2. at 3. on 4. on 5. in 6. in 7. in 8. 9. on 10. to, until 11. in, for 12. on 13. for 14. for 15. by

Ejercicio 4

1. to 2. to 3. — 4. to  5. to

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