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What’s Up: Hi, guys! Welcome again to the What’s Up Island. This time we count on the presence of our colleague, the multifaceted Jose, introducing the songs of his brand new band Ronnie Club.

Jose:    Hi, everybody!

WH:    We heard that you’re preparing a new concert, you come back as an artist. Could you tell us how did you start? What was the beginning of your career like?

J:    Well, Istarted singing three years ago, more or less. I was writing some lyrics and I thought: “Hey, why don’t I play them on guitar?” And that´s how everything started.

WH:    And what about your music? What kind of music does your band play?

J:    Ok. I’m a rocker, you know. And I always try to play the music that I like. But there is a moment for everything, and sometimes a good ballad or another kind of melody is the best idea.


WH:    Do you write your own songs?

J:    I absolutely do! I think it’s necessary for every artist to find his or her way, to define what you’re going to be in life.


WH:    What kind of things do you think about when you write?

J:    I just focus on the music.


WH:   Well. That’s clear. Thanks for joining us today, Jose. We are looking forward to hearing your songs and seeing you and your band play live. And good luck with your first studio record!

J:    It was a pleasure. Thanks everybody. See you in the Island. Bye!

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